Terms & Conditions

Cancellations- Service cancel within (24) hours of the scheduled pick-up time will result in a full charge to the service ride.  No Show- In the event a customer fails to appear at the designated pick-up location without notifying (AET) at least (12) hours in advance, the ride will be subject to charge in full. Schedule Pick Up Delayed - Customer will be responsible for any waiting time after 15 minutes has passed from the schedule pick up time. (Hourly rates will apply) No Schedule Stops & Drop off Change - Should a customer ask our Chauffeur to stop or Divert during the ride it will be subject to a rate increase. Flight Delayed & Diversion - Customers may be subject to waiting time should the flight be diverted to another city, due to weather, Airport closure, or other factors not control by (AET). Car Break Downs or Flats - (AET) will make its efforts to dispatch an emergency unit, should a breakdown occur while in route. Road Hazard-Should Road closure impede the progress of our vehicle to its final destination (AET) will not be held accountable for any loss to time. Locations Changes - Should a customer fail to notify (AET) at least (6) hours in advance of new pick-up locations, Customer understands than it may take up to 45 minutes to an hour before our vehicle arrives at new location. Early Pick Request - Should a customer request to be pick up before its original Schedule appointment it will be subject to vehicle availability, and if customer chooses to leave the location of pick up if he/she chooses not to wait the ride is subject to full payment. Tolls, Parking, any stops during the ride will be charge at the end. (Online Rides ONLY) TOLLS & Parking:  Tolls are overhead charges AET will add to its final invoice once the ride is completed, the initial price does not include such charges as the driver does not know the route it will be used. Parking applies to all Airport pickups only, as we pay an estimated $5 to $10 dollars depending on wait time.